Legal consultation services for enterprises is a law firm’s legal service provided to clients being enterprises infrequently, which bases on legal issues and legal questions that enterprises want a law firm to consult.

I. Why do enterprises need legal consultation services?

During its operation, an enterprise may face a multitude of legal issues, from corporate organizational structure to internal problems between shareholders, members, between shareholders and business managers to labor laws in human resource management, tax, …

Often, enterprises cannot fully understand the whole legal issues that may arise during the course of business. In that case, enterprises need to find a lawyer or a law firm to advise on legal issues that enterprises do not understand and choose the best solution to protect their rights and interests based on the law firm’s advice.

This way helps enterprises avoid risks and consequences caused by legal problems and issues. It can be seen that enterprises consulted by law firms operate stably and develop sustainably, are less prone to violations and risks than those who make their own decisions without the advice of a law firm or a lawyer.

II. Works that TNTP will implement in legal consultation service for enterprises

For legal consultation services, depending on the client’s demand, works that TNTP can implement include:

  • Learn, study the provisions of the law to review risks, ensure that the client’s activities are legal;
  • Provide legal advice based on the issue requested by the client;
  • Answer client’s legal queries via e-mail or documents;
  • Participate in meetings with the client to protect their legal rights and interests.

In addition to the listed works, the actual works that TNTP implements may arise more depending on the client’s requirements.

III. How does TNTP receive and process information?

  1. Receive information, documents, legal queries, and requests from Clients.
  2. Arrange information, documents, records and identify legal issues needed to clarify.
  3. Research the provisions of the laws related to the issues, queries, and requests of Clients.
  4. Contact Clients to clarify issues and unclear details.
  5. Calculate risks and make plans for Clients.
  6. Draft legal advice based on the provisions of law and requests of Clients.
  7. Submit draft legal advice for Clients to give their opinions.
  8. Revise draft legal advice according to the opinions of Clients based on ensuring compliance with the provisions of law and protecting the maximum legal rights and interests of Clients.
  9. Send completed legal advice letters for Clients.

IV. Service price

The service fee for Drafting, reviewing legal documents, and providing legal advice is 1,000,000 VND per legal document page, and consultation letter (One million Vietnamese Dong) (A4 page, Times New Roman font, font size 12).

Clients can request TNTP to make up to three (03) revisions or supplements for consultation letters, legal documents to be reviewed or legal documents to be drafted. In the event that Clients request more than three (03) revisions or supplements for consultation letters/ legal documents, TNTP will charge a new fee and send a new fee quote to Clients.

The service fee for participating in meetings with Clients and/or third parties is 3,000,000 VND per hour (Three million Vietnamese Dong) for each meeting.

Please take note that based on each scenario, the service fees may change.

IV. TNTP’s commitment to legal service

With the attitude of protecting the legal rights and interests of the Client, TNTP has been and will try to bring Clients trust and comfort when using TNTP’s legal services.

Throughout the process of providing legal services, TNTP commits to support Clients and perform the work in the fastest, most timely and effective way, regularly report the progress of the case as well as give the next plan so that Clients can easily monitor and evaluate the work results.