Debt collection services
from TNTP & Associates International Law Firm

TNTP will perform debt collection services as an authorized representative, assisting in the recovery of debts from the Debtor to the Creditor (“Client”). Accordingly, TNTP represents the Client to request the Debtor to pay money or property upon expiration or overdue that the Debtor must pay to the Client according to the agreement and contract.


After signing the legal service contract, TNTP will quickly implement debt recovery and regularly report the progress of the case and the next action plan to the Client.


Depending on the actual situation of the Debtor, TNTP will flexibly apply appropriate measures to quickly recover the debt.

Legal compliance

TNTP ensures that all procedures, orders, and actions for debt recovery are in accordance with law.

Confidentiality Commitment

TNTP commits to maximum confidentiality of the information that TNTP has received from the Client as well as the information that TNTP collects related to the debt collection of the Client.

Debt recovery field implemented by TNTP

Legal provisions on the debt collection right

Debt collection right, by which the obligee can request the obligor to pay a sum of money, has been increasingly valued thanks to its popularity and its capacity to meet the demand for convenient circulation in civil and commercial transactions, etc. The following...

Legal service of debt collection in commercial activities

Legal service of debt collection in commercial activities

I. Types of debts arise in commercial activities In commercial activities, debts mainly arise from purchase contracts, service contracts when it is due to pay the value of goods, services and the debt must be compared by the parties but the obliged party does not pay....

Clients have been using TNTP’s debt collection services

FECON Joint Stock Company

FECON Joint Stock Company (“FECON”) is a company operating in construction, which focuses on foundation engineering and underground construction. FECON was established on June 18, 2004, and has been providing many projects, typically Hoa Phat – Dung Quat Project (Quang Ngai) Phase 2, Thai Hoa Wind Power Plant, LOTTE Mart Project Vinh city, etc. FECON has signed a debt collection legal service contract with TNTP, mainly for debt recovery in the construction sector.

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Company

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Company (“YFY”) is a company of Taiwan Yuen Foong Yu Group, specializing in the supply of carton packaging. Established in 2004, YFY has 7 factories in Vietnam, widely distributed in the provinces: Long An, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa, and Ha Nam. YFY has signed a debt collection legal service contract with TNTP, mainly for debt recovery in commercial activities.

Upper Class Collections Company Limited

Upper Class Collections Company Limited (“UCC”) is a company specializing in providing debt collection services for companies, as well as state authorities. The company was established in 2006 in Perth – a city in Western Australia. In 2014, UCC became a shareholder of TCM international network. Currently, UCC is operating in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, etc. UCC has signed a debt collection legal service contract with TNTP, mainly for debt recovery in commercial, civil, and financial fields.

Some of the work that TNTP is doing to recover debts

1. Negotiate with the Debtor
2. Work with tax authorities
3. Sue the Debtor
4. Enforce the legally effective judgment/decision/arbitral award

• Negotiate with the Debtor to request settlement of the Debt(s) (from 01 to 03 months).

TNTP contacts the Debtor directly by phone, text message, or email to request the Debtor to pay the Debts to the Client; send a Letter of Demand for payment (LOD) to the Debtor requesting the Debtor to pay the Debts to the Client.

Contact and work with tax authorities in case the Debtor is an enterprise.
• Perform legal proceedings (initiate lawsuits against the Debtor at a competent dispute settlement agency).

In case the negotiation is unsuccessful and the lawsuit is judged feasible, TNTP can assist the Client to perform legal proceedings in Competent Court/ Competent Arbitration.

Assist the Client in the process of enforcing the legally effective judgment / decision / arbitral award of the Competent Court /  Competent Arbitration

Depending on the request of the Client and/or the legal advice of TNTP, TNTP can perform all or some of the above tasks to successfully collect debts for Clients in the fastest and most effective way.

TNTP’s commitment to legal services

With the attitude of always protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Client, TNTP has been and will try to bring Clients trust and peace of mind when using TNTP’s legal services.

Throughout the process of providing legal services, TNTP commits to support the Client and perform the work in the fastest, most timely, and effective way, regularly reporting the progress of the case as well as giving the next action plan so that the Client can monitor and evaluate work results easily.

With a constant effort to improve services and a growing vision, TNTP believes that Clients will have the best experience with the services provided by TNTP.

Frequently asked questions in the debt collection process

Question 1: What fees will Clients have to pay when signing a debt collection legal service contract with TNTP?
The service fee of TNTP will be calculated according to each job of the debt collection process and the amount of debt to be recovered. For example, for a negotiation with the Debtor, the services charge consists of a non-refundable fixed fee and a success fee of % of the proceeds from the Debtor. Similar to other jobs such as working with tax authorities, conciliation, lawsuits, and judgment enforcement are also counted as negotiation work.

Service charges do not include value-added tax (VAT is applied according to the State’s regulations at the time of VAT invoice issued by TNTP) and reasonably incurred costs including but not limited to court fees, arbitration fees, notary fees, translation fees, and other state expenses as prescribed by law, travel expenses (taxi and car rental), long-distance phone fees, document fax fees, postage stamps, photocopying fees, vehicle fees per kilometer, parking fees and document delivery fees in the process of providing legal services to clients by TNTP.

Question 2: What documents do Clients need to prepare before working with TNTP?

• Purchase and sale contract, service contract, documents proving the debt to be recovered, or other documents that are the basis of the disputed relationship;

• Information about the Debtor, the Creditor;

• Relevant documents in the process of making transactions and payments;

• Documents, emails, and messages exchanged between the Debtor, the Creditor during and after the transaction; and

• Other relevant documents (if any).

Question 3: How does the process of self-created experiments receive and process information?

• Step 1: Based on the information and documents provided by the Client as well as the discussion with the Client, TNTP’s lawyer will research the file and give some initial consultancy.

• Step 2: After that, TNTP will send a Quotation with a specific implementation plan to the Client for the Client to consider signing a legal service contract with TNTP.

• Step 3: In case the Client agrees with the Quotation, TNTP will send the Legal Service Contract to the Client. The Parties will sign the Contract and the Client will pay the service charges to TNTP (if any).

• Step 4: After signing the contract and receiving the service fee (in case of a fixed service fee), TNTP will perform the work according to the Contract.

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