Legal Consulting Services
from TNTP & Associate International Law Firm

Whenever the Clients have legal issues that need advice and solution, TNTP will be dedicated to providing effective legal advice to the Clients. Accordingly, the Clients will be ensured of optimal rights and benefits in the process of operating enterprises, organizations, or personal issues; always be comfortable and have the best experience when using TNTP’s legal consulting services.


TNTP’s experienced experts and lawyers have encountered many different legal situations and will quickly give proper, effective, and lawful legal advice.


With the experience of legal experts and lawyers, TNTP will bring Clients appropriate, flexible, and effective measures and satisfy budget requirements for Clients.

Reasonable fee

TNTP always tries to save fees as much as possible by optimizing the working process.

Confidential information

TNTP commits to the maximum confidentiality of Client information as well as the legal information that TNTP receives from the Clients.

Field of legal consultancy TNTP provides

Legal consultation services for enterprises

Legal consultation services for enterprises

Legal consultation services for enterprises is a law firm’s legal service provided to clients being enterprises infrequently, which bases on legal issues and legal questions that enterprises want a law firm to consult. I. Why do enterprises need legal consultation...

Clients have been using TNTP’s legal services

Getfly Vietnam Technology JSC

Getfly Vietnam Technology Joint Stock Company (“Getfly“) is a company specializing in providing business management services that include consulting solutions and deployment of digital tools (CRM) to support comprehensive, synchronous, effective, and flexible business management. Getfly has signed the Monthly retainer legal services contract with TNTP, mainly legal advice and contract review.

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Company

Yuen Foong Yu Paper Company (“YFY“) is a Taiwan YFY Group subsidiary that supplies carton packaging. YFY has signed the Monthly retainer legal services contract with TNTP, namely legal advice, drafting, and reviewing contracts.

TVG Holding JSC

TVG Holding Joint Stock Company (“TVG“) is a company operating in many fields, mainly investment and construction. TVG has signed the Monthly retainer legal services contract with TNTP.

Some of the works that TNTP does for legal services

  1. Receive and research legal issues that need to be answered;
  2. Draft and send the legal advice letters to the Clients;
  3. Revise the legal advice letter according to the requests and proposals of the Clients;
  4. Meet with the Clients in case of necessity;
  5. Draft contracts or review contracts and legal documents for the Clients.

Process of TNPT’s legal advice

• TNTP will provide a fee schedule for legal consultation services in the Quotation sent to the Client. After the Clients agree to this Quotation, TNTP will send the Legal Service Contract to the Clients.

  • The Parties shall proceed to sign the contract. Every month, TNTP will summarize the legal consultancy work and send the service bill to the Clients. After that, the Clients need to pay the service fee to the TNTP.

TNTP receives legal issues that need to be answered or contracts, legal documents that need to be reviewed, or requests to draft contracts from the Clients, and then TNTP will study the Clients’ issues/requirements.
TNTP will draft the legal advice letters, contracts and review contracts, legal documents, and then send drafts to the Clients.
TNTP also participates in meetings with the Clients and partners, third parties at the request of the Clients.

Based on the specific work (Letter of Advice / Drafting / Reviewing/ Participating in meetings) stated in the signed Legal service Contract, TNTP performs all the work or one of the above-mentioned tasks under the Contract to provide legal advice to the Client in the fastest and most effective way.

TNTP’s commitment to legal service

TNTP commits always bringing optimal benefits to the Clients with the ensured criteria of experience, efficiency, reasonable fee, and confidential information. TNTP has been and will try to bring the Clients trust and peace of mind when using TNTP’s legal services.

Throughout the process of providing legal services, TNTP ensures that TNTP will support the Clients and perform the work in the fastest, most timely, and most effective way.

With the continuous efforts to improve the service and the increasing vision, TNTP believes that the Clients will have the best experience with TNTP’s legal services.

Service fee

The service fee for Drafting, reviewing legal documents, and providing legal advice is 1,000,000 VND per legal document page, and consultation letter (One million Vietnamese Dong) (A4 page, Times New Roman font, font size 12).

Clients can request TNTP to make up to three (03) revisions or supplements for consultation letters, legal documents to be reviewed or legal documents to be drafted. In the event that Clients request more than three (03) revisions or supplements for consultation letters/ legal documents, TNTP will charge a new fee and send a new fee quote to Clients.

The service fee for participating in meetings with Clients and/or third parties is 3,000,000 VND per hour (Three million Vietnamese Dong) for each meeting.

Please take note that based on each scenario, the service fees may change.

Frequently asked questions in legal consulting services

Question 1: What kind of fees will the Client have to pay when signing a Monthly retainer legal services contract with TNTP?

TNTP’s services fee is a fixed monthly fee (including legal advice, and participating in one meeting) and calculated based on contracts, legal documents reviewed, drafted, and the number of meetings with the Client.

At the end of each month, TNTP will send the Client a Payment Request and a draft VAT Invoice so that the Client can know the service fee and the work TNTP has done in that month.

After the Client agrees to the service fee and the work specified in the Payment Request, TNTP will send the Payment Request and valid VAT Invoice by paper to the Client. The Client will pay TNTP according to the payment term specified in the Payment Request.

Services fees are exclusive value-added tax (VAT is applied by the State’s regulations at the time of VAT invoice issuance) and out-of-pocket expenses during the process of providing legal services to the Client.

Question 2: How does the TNTP legal advise the Clients?

• Step 1: Receive legal issues that need to be answered and requests from Clients.

• Step 2: Research the provisions of the laws related to the issues, queries, and requests of Clients.

• Step 3: Contact the Client to clarify if the problem is still unclear (if any).

• Step 4: Draft e-advice letter (Email), review, draft documents, and contracts.

• Step 5: Submit draft legal advice, reviewed and drafted documents/ contracts for Clients to give their opinions.

• Step 6: Revise draft legal advice; documents, and contracts according to the opinions of Clients based on ensuring compliance with the provisions of law and protecting the maximum legal rights and interests of Clients.

• Step 7: Send legal advice letters; complete documents and contracts for Clients.

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