On October 27, 2023 at the INTECH Group Business Hub Building, the branch of TNTP & Associates International Law Firm (” TNTP “) participated in the INTECH PARTNER DAY 2023 Program – A program organized by INTECH Group to create opportunities to exchange, connect and tighten cooperation between INTECH Group and partners; as well as connecting partners of INTECH Group together to share opportunities, cooperate, develop sustainably and reach out.

INTECH Group was established in 2012, is a unit specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for factory and cleanroom, with strengths in consulting, design, construction, maintenance and being a distribution representative, partner with reputable manufacturers in the world.

During its operation, INTECH Group has achieved a number of outstanding achievements as follows:

– Top 100 in FAST500 Fastest Growing Enterprises in Vietnam in 2022.
– In 2022, surpassing the strict standards of the NEBB US, INTECH Group has mastered cleanroom technology and reached the world’s highest cleanliness level Class 1 according to ISO 14644 standards, this achievement was voted as one of 10 Vietnamese science and technology events in 2022.
– In 2023, INTECH Group was recognized as a pioneer enterprise in the field of cleanroom approved by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the United States Agency for International Development – USAID IPSC Project.

Let’s take a look at the activities of INTECH Partner Day 2023 took place on October 27, 2023:

– Conference: Exchange and share about the topic “Restructuring for sustainable development”;
– Introduction to visiting exhibition and networking exchange;
– Gala Dinner: Connection – Cooperation – Development.

In the current development trend, cooperation is one of the effective ways to help develop business activities of enterprises. Besides expanding the access to new customers, building business partnerships also help enterprises provide more value to their existing customers.

Not just a simple strategic relationship, business partnership also helps enterprises create a sustainable symbiotic development ecosystem, develop in vision instead of going alone in the business process. Most business cooperation relationships bring many benefits to enterprises and are suitable for all kinds of enterprises, scales and operating models. It is important that enterprises and partners actively cooperate and always build and nurture for the development relationships, with the aim to create “win-win” value for both sides.

With the participation from INTECH Group’s partners network, including customers, strategic suppliers, associations, business clubs, training and human resource development organizations, as well as enterprise support organizations, the program is a great opportunity for TNTP to connect, learn and create new cooperation opportunities.

Through learning and sharing, TNTP in particular and enterprises in general can shape a future of mutual development, prosperity, and contribute to the community and society in a positive way.

TNTP sincerely thanks for the meaningful and practical value of the program and hopes that INTECH Group will continue to organize helpful programs in the future.

Best regards,