Dispute Resolution Services


TNTP will perform dispute resolution services as authorized representatives or appoint professional lawyers to assist domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations, and individuals in the process of resolving disputes (“Clients“).


After when signing the legal service contract, the TNTP will quickly publicize the work including: Negotiating; file a lawsuit at a competent authority; Support the execution of judgments/decisions of dispute settlement agencies and regularly report the progress of the case and the next action plan to the Client.


Depending on the actual situation of the parties to the dispute, the TNTP will flexibly apply appropriate measures to support the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the Client in the settlement of the dispute. With the experience of TNTP litigation lawyers, legal counsels and consultants will bring appropriate, flexible, effective and responsive measures meet budget requirements for Client.

Reasonable fee

In terms of lengthy dispute settlement procedures in accordance with actual conditions, TNTP always understands and tries to save costs for Clients as much as possible by optimizing the working process.

Confidential information

TNTP is committed to the maximum confidentiality of the information that TNTP has received from the Client as well as the information collected by TNTP in relation to the Client ‘s dispute.

TNTP dispute resolution services provided

TNTP provides dispute resolution services in all sectors, especially in the field of commercial business. Some types of disputes that TNTP is providing dispute resolution services include:

Formation of ad hoc arbitration councils

Formation of ad hoc arbitration councils

Arbitration is a dispute resolution method in which the parties agree that a neutral third party (the arbitrator or arbitration council) will issue a legal decision after the parties have had the opportunity to present their case. Arbitration includes two basic forms:...

Procedures for resolving disputes by ad hoc arbitration

Procedures for resolving disputes by ad hoc arbitration

Ad hoc arbitration is a form of arbitration widely used around the world. The arbitration laws of various countries recognize the existence of this form of arbitration. In Vietnam, Ad hoc arbitration is regulated in the 2010 Commercial Arbitration Law, primarily...

Some Client have been using TNTP’s dispute resolution services

VNG Joint Stock Company

VNG Joint Stock Company (VNG is a company technology in Vietnam with 4 main product segments: online gaming leakage, connectivity platform, electronic computing and cloud computing services. The forerunner of VNG is Company Vinagame)

BOT Binh Dinh Investment

BOT Binh Dinh Investment Co., Ltd. (BOT Binh Dinh is a business enterprise in the field of railway and road construction)

Istar Freight Forwarding & Trade Limited

Istar Freight Forwarding and Trade Limited Company (Istar istar is a domestic and international trading enterprise in logistics services, especially waterway transport).

Procedures for resolving TNTP’s disputes

The TNTP negotiating with the parties in dispute to request the settlement of disputed cases (the duration of which is from 01 to 03 months).

Participating and supporting Client at the litigation stage (initiating lawsuits at competent dispute settlement agencies).

In case the negotiation fails and assesses that the case is feasible, TNTP may assist the Client in initiating a lawsuit at the competent court or initiating a lawsuit at the arbitration.

Supporting the enforcement of judgments/decisions of competent dispute settlement agencies that have taken legal effect.

Depending on the client’s requirements and/or TNTP’s legal advice, TNTP may carry out all or some of the above-mentioned tasks to resolve disputes for customers in the most quickly and effective way.

TNTP conclusion on legal services

With the spirit of always protecting the legitimate rights and interests of customers, TNTP has been and will try to give Client the trust and peace of mind when using TNTP’s legal services.

Throughout the process of providing legal services, TNTP ensures that it will support customers and implement the work quickly, timely and effectively, regularly report the progress of the case as well as provide the next action plan so that customers can easily monitor and evaluate the results of work.

With the continuous efforts to improve the service and the increasingly high vision, TNTP believes that customers will have the best experience for TNTP’s services provided.

Frequently asked questions in the dispute settlement process

Question 1: What fees will Client pay when signing a dispute settlement legal service contract with TNTP?

TNTP’s services will be calculated according to each work of the dispute settlement process. For example, work negotiated with the disputing party, the service fee includes a non-refundable fixed fee and a successful fee. Similar to other jobs such as initiating lawsuits, judgment enforcement is also counted as bargaining work.

Service charges do not include value-added tax (VAT is applied in accordance with the State’s regulations at the time of vat invoice issuance) and reasonable incurred expenses include but are not limited to court fees, arbitration fees, notarization fees, translation fees and other state expenses as prescribed by law, travel expenses (taxi and car rental), long-distance phone charges, fax documents fees, postage stamps, photocopy fees, vehicle fees in kilometers, parking fees and dossier delivery fees during the TNTP process of providing legal services to customers.

Question 2: What documents do Client need to prepare before working with TNTP?

Depending on the type of dispute, TNTP will ask Client to provide certain documents and information. Basically, customers need to provide TNTP with all information and documents related to the case, including some documents such as :

  • Documents related to disputes such as contracts, minutes, applications,…

  • Information and documents on the parties to the dispute;

  • Messages, emails and audio files containing the contents of exchanges between the parties on the dispute;

  • Other relevant documents (if any).

Question 3: How does the TNTP process receive and process information?

When the Client contacts TNTP, TNTP’s lawyers will receive and process the Client’s information as follows:

  • Step 1: Based on the information and documents provided by the Client as well as exchanged with the Client, the lawyer of TNTP will reseach the dossier and give some initial advice.

  • Step 2: After that, TNTP will send a Quote with a specific implementation plan to the Customer for the Customer to consider signing a legal service contract with TNTP.

  • Step 3: If the Customer agrees to the Quote, TNTP will send the Legal Service Contract to the Customer. The Parties shall enter into the Contract and the Client will pay the service fee to the TNTP (if any).

  • Step 4: After signing the Contract and receiving the service fee (in case of a fixed service fee), TNTP will perform the work according to the Quote and according to the implementation plan that the customer has agreed.

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